jill and laura and i went to applebee’s last night with a friend of jill’s to do karaoke and you better believe it–jill and i sang “i brake for brunettes”! best rendition of that song EVER! i got pictures and so did she so i’ll put them up in a little while. campus internet just started working again (router went down in hickory) and so we’re getting our fix of facebook/partyapp/myspace/intarweb for the time being because we’ve been going withdrawal. it’s very obvious that we do not know how to function without the WWW because all of us at tech. support were watching “bagger vance”, uncomfortably squashing ourselves in one room trying to keep ourselves from dying of boredom, HOPING for a mean phone call for the internet being down (like we don’t get enough), and playing hangman over and over again, like it’s the coolest game in the world. not to mention, steve gave new use to the f-bomb, jennifer has acquired a new name, and mustard has also become fairly amusing.