way to go, me. yesterday, i jumped the gun by saying, “today is one of those days,” when yesterday actually turned out to be pretty damn good.

and then karma came back to bite me in the ass.

first of all, brett and i were woken up this morning i don’t know HOW many times. thor and loki are the most dependent creatures i’ve ever owned. i don’t mean dependent in the sense that they need food, water, and to be let out every several hours. i mean dependent as in if you don’t show them enough love and affection, they will FORCE YOU.

i woke up this morning and thor was running laps around the apartment, meowing and howling as he went. at one point he jumped on my pillow, made his way behind the headboard, and started fiercely clawing at my mattress. loki was doing her usual sit-by-the-bed-and-whine routine. if i don’t acknowledge her, she’ll go to brett’s side for a while, and vice versa. then she’ll go in the living room, bark at something that moved out the window–perhaps a leaf. then she’ll chase thor until she gets bored, and then she’ll come back and whine at me until i wake up and let her out.

this went on for about an hour this morning. additionally, there was a woodpecker in one of the trees next to our apartment, and he was on a damn mission this morning.

i got in the shower and thor immediately flung open the bathroom door. he’s gotten pretty good at that lately. if you go in the bathroom, for WHATEVER reason, he has to come with you. he loves to pee in company. he also just likes to piss us off. if he doesn’t have to pee, he’ll still come in. he’ll walk in, look at you, howl a bit, and then walk back out. he hasn’t learned to close the door yet, so you’re left sitting on the toilet or standing around naked with the door wide open. this is his favorite passtime.

i got out of the shower, said bye to brett, and finished getting ready to go to work. i walked over to the couch and thor had puked at some point during the night. a huge pile of bright, orange, squishy puke. so i cleaned that up.

then i went to pour my coffee. put the creamer in. put the sugar in. then my freakish tendencies kicked in and i must have spazzed or something, and before i knew it coffee was everywhere. lucky for me, it did not get on any clothing or my phone, but it did cover the entire stove top.

i’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that 2 cups of coffee in the burners isn’t good for the stove. so i wiped that all up. when i get home and start to cook dinner, i’ll inevitably forget that i spilled the coffee and i’ll turn the stove on, and the entire apartment will wreak of burnt coffee. i suppose that’s better than the stench of cat puke…

[edit] add to the list: water came out my nose at lunch, AND i found out that the meat the local mexican joint puts in their tacos is not just beef, it’s beef TONGUE. they’ve been tricking us into eating beef TONGUE all along. that is just fantastic. [/edit]