It's Not Over Yet

today was my first day working at wake and needless to say, it was not what i expected. i put papers in folders and folders in cabinets and did busywork and bitchwork all freaking day. so… i’m surrounded by middle aged women and dirty construction workers for the remainder of my time working there.

the thing is, i don’t know how long i’ll be working there. i got a callback from hooters today and they want me to go to another interview on friday, so i’ll see how that goes. if my schedule with the ARX guys is a good one and gives me fairly decent hours and the hooters schedule is able to work out with it, i’m going to leave wake and work the 2 jobs. it’ll be better money i think and it’ll be more of what i’m interested in (computers and making good tips) rather than pushing papers. :wassat: so much shit.

i’m gonna stick it through the rest of the week at wake in hopes that i don’t lose my mind and i’m gonna get my hours while i can. then it’s off to duke for the weekend with collin and adam! man, i’m excited. :wink:

i should get to sleep soon… waking up at 7 is so much fun!!!