And the fun begins...

tomorrow at 8:30 AM, i get to start work at wake forest. i’ll work 2 jobs, unless the waitressing job comes through, then maybe i’ll even have a 3rd. yikes!

today was great. jill and fayre showed up this afternoon at 1ish and we met thomas at mi pueblo for lunch. i think we had like 6 waiters and they came every 2 seconds to make sure everything was alright. fayre has a horrible fear of flan (mexican food that tastes like sugary mayonaisse) and jokingly she suggested that she should get it, very quickly made sure she told the waiter “no, no, i hate it, i’m kidding”. he brought it anyway, and we got yelled at for it. never again will i go to that mi pueblo because they are all buttheads. all of them.

jill and i went to get our drug tests done and that was lots of excitement. i hate waiting in doctor’s offices. they’re so boring. i took jill to wake, got my direct deposit shit done with, and headed back towards home.

i stopped at the gas station only to run into brendan and jason who i haven’t gotten to hang out with in forever and we definitely made plans to hang out, so i spent the remainder of the evening with them and brendan’s girlfriend. man, i miss them. and the worst part is they’re moving to myrtle beach for the summer starting this week. hopefully i’ll be visiting them at least once.

now i’m all by my lonesome back at home listening to sappy music and being bored in my pajamas. i should be sleeping because i have to get up early, but there are a few people i’d rather be talking to.