Indecisive Professors

AITP is taking a trip to Cisco in charlotte tomorrow and this is the only trip, besides Red Hat, that i’ve been absolutely stoked about. go figure, i won’t be able to go because my business writing presentation may or may not have to be done tomorrow. it could’ve been done wednesday, it could be done tomorrow, and it could be done monday. but since my professor doesn’t want anyone to have an “advantage”, they are going to be done at random. this doesn’t make much sense to me considering we turned in our project wednesday (which has our completed memo, all important documents, etc. inside of it) so there’s not much else we can do to have an “advantage” over any group that goes before us or after us.

i am a bit perturbed (i’m using the word perturbed because i don’t want to use a more vulgar one in the event that this professor reads this entry, god knows how/why) because if i knew i was going to go monday then i would be able to go to cisco tomorrow, turn in a resume, and possibly start making new, important, exciting, profitable, potential-job-getting connections. but no. i have to dress up (again), watch a presentation, maaaybe present our project, and then leave less than 45 minutes later.

i hope my fellow nerds enjoy the trip. :cry: lucky bastards. i’m going to finish my dinner (delicious tuna fish, sweet pickles, and BBQ tater chips), relax, and celebrate the week almost being over. this calls for sweatpants and maybe even some whiskey and hot chocolate. mmm…