Being Stood Up

quite possibly the worst feeling in the world… when someone forgets about you, doesn’t care enough to apologize later, and continues to do it. no wonder i’m so bitter. this has happened all too often lately.

this phone call cheered me up a bit…

adam: (in a groggy, half-asleep voice) hii
me: you fell asleep didn’t you
adam: yeah…
me: when’d you pass out?
adam: i don’t know, i made it all the way past the masters tournament
me: blinks were you playing hockey before you fell asleep?
adam: yeah
me: adam, go back to sleep

i think he dreams about harry potter and hockey more than any normal human being should. the fact that he’s vocal about it when he’s half awake just makes it a hundred times better. i can’t wait to make fun of him again tomorrow.

[edit] adam did not stand me up. it was a friend of mine. i definitely didn’t make that sound right. [/edit]