I'm Still Here

for some reason, i thought it would be a great idea to make a giant career change with 3 month old twins and a 5 year old and, you know, life in general.

i’m not dead, but if you’re here, you’ve probably seen my twitter and it is anything but quiet.

it seems that keeping up with the daily posting of photos is a little difficult. or writing in general. hard to find time. after work hours, it’s dinner and walking the crying babies and cleaning and homework and baths and all the things. kiddos are all asleep by 9:30, i finally get to shower, get settled in downstairs, pour a drink (or 4). by then, i don’t really want to deal with it.

and lately, my nights are pretty much spent studying or getting work things all set. i left SPARC/booz allen a couple weeks ago and am now officially a RED HATTER <3 it’s been a goal of mine for about a decade and it finally happened. i could not be happier. i knew i’d be drinking from the firehose, but i severely underestimated just how much it would actually be.

getting ramped up on projects, sure. learn all the things about all the products that i’ve not been using on a regular basis, which is a lot. and now i’m trying to tackle my RHCA at the same time. i love being this busy… absolutely love it. but i’m used to having very specific tasks. and this is a lot of wide openness that i’m not accustomed to. figuring out time management is key, so forcing myself to focus on one thing for an hour at a time.

in other news, the babies are great :) sleeping from ~8:30-7 or later every day. they wake up occasionally during the night, but it usually just requires us shoving a pacifier in their face and they’re set. they’re finally past the puke-every-time-they-eat stage, thank god. it is SO SO SO much easier to take care of twins when they’re not constantly projectile vomiting. you have no idea. i no longer have to do 3-4 loads of laundry a day. no longer have to clean the couch and the floor and myself every time we feed them. they go 4ish hours between feedings. they love walks in the stroller. they’re usually ok when we go to restaurants.

caylin is still adjusting, and it’s been a little rough on that end. kindergarten and new siblings, and being 5 in general. she’s very emotional and high strung, so it’s been trying. she’s doing great at school, and at her after school program. has new friends. can’t ask for much more :)

one of these days, when i have some downtime, maybe i’ll be able to post more about the babies and caylin. feels weird, because with caylin i posted monthly updates. ohh, how ambitious i was.

so… things have been busy. i’ll leave it at that. one day in a couple years, maybe i’ll be able to breathe again :)