I <3 My Best Friends

yesterday was sarah’s birthday and ohhh man… we had a BLAST! becky, sarah, ashley, katherine, and i went to see madagascar first of all. that movie is so freaking cute, and i’m getting it when it comes out on DVD. there’s no question about it. i laughed my ass off through the entire movie… if you like retarded cartoons with odd sexual innuendos scattered throughout, go see it. ha!

katherine went home but the rest of us went to ashley’s to party. 4 girls playing circle of death was such, such a wacked out idea. i got the shaft the entire night and i swear, if there is a god, he hates me… because the kind of luck i got last night was horrible!!! i ended up having to chug half of what i drank anyway because ashley’s rules are ridiculous and i kept getting screwed over. not to mention, i am never quick enough to keep up with the thumb rule or 7 is heaven, and i always drink with my right hand and ashley layed out the “only left hand drinking” rule and i was done from then on. it was so much fun, though.

the only sketchy part of the night was when the 4 of us decided we wanted waffle house so we called a cab to come pick us up… yeah. i don’t think i’ve ever been in a cab before, and it was interesting to say the least. cab drivers are weird looking. we went to waffle house and hung out and ended up bumping into some friends who later showed up at ashley’s and hung out for the remainder of the night.

we watched 13 going on 30 because sarah is nuts and of course we had to watch a chick flick. :wink: we didn’t make it through the whole movie because we were too tired and just kind of gave up. i kept dozing off anyway, and i was lost at that point.

all in all, a great night with the friends i’ve missed the most since being in college. i’ve grown up with them since we were 5, and now we’re getting drunk together. scary thought… hopefully we’ll do a better job of keeping close from now on.