i swear to god i never stop moving. saturday i got up and showered and went to the mall because i had lost some of the balls on my earrings and had to find new ones. that was exciting. i bumped into guilio who told me that i’m going to the club with him on thursday… we’ll see about that. i went to king and hung out at scott’s for a while and watched movies, went to eat with tim, and drove home. i finally found something i wanted to wear and went to go meet dale at the movie theatre and waited and waited only to find out that his jeep was screwed and he had to borrow his mom’s convertible. he finally got there and we saw house of wax which was actually better than i thought it was going to be. it’s kind of nice seeing a pole going straight through paris hilton’s head. ha! i went home and crashed fairly early.

i woke up yesterday morning and drove down here to lake norman to stay at my grandma’s. my dad and stepmom and grandpa were already here so we all layed outside and gorged on buffalo wings and junk food ’til dinner was ready. my grandma decided that wasn’t enough food and after everyone left she fed me even more buffalo wings… good lord. and my dad and christine just had to leave the chocolate triple fudge cake laying on the counter so that was a mistake. i don’t see how i’m still walking around in this damn bikini. i just don’t get it. i ate like 6 meals yesterday!!

mike called me up after i had my assortment of dinners and so i drove to his house and he and i drove all over mooresville/huntersville and were desperate to find something to do. after going to his sister’s to play with the snakes and geckos we decided to go get mexican. what’s this? more food? yeah. retarded. but it was good. :cool: we went and got my car, got nightcrawlers from the gas station, and went fishin’ at my grandma’s. by this time it’s about midnight and to my surprise, we caught 5 fish and then a little tiny 3 incher that we didn’t even mean to catch. mike got stung by the bastard catfish and our worms kept getting stolen off the hooks so we called it quits for a while. we went and picked up mike’s friend drew and went back to my grandma’s, had some beers, and went fishing again. we chilled for a little while outside and the guys left and i went to sleep eventually. such a fun night. mike, i’ve missed you! i got a ton of pictures but they’ll have to wait ’til i get home.

i’ve been laying outside by the pool all day relaxing. it’s nice having a weekend where i can just be by myself and not worry about anything. i like my me-time and i’m learning a lot about myself this summer. it’s cool.

now i have to get dressed and go pick up adam from the airport. he’s coming back from their laX game and we’re gonna party at matt’s place tonight since collin and alex are house sitting for their family. i get to go to work tomorrow (woohoo!) and adam goes back to duke. :sad: and then to chicago. collin, we might be taking a road trip this summer. :wink: be prepared.

i’m off to get spiffed up. tonight’s gonna be a lot of fun!