Gunman on Campus

this is lovely. this is one of those times i’m glad my apartment is stuck on the side/top of a mountain… it may fall one of these days but not today. i’m also glad i don’t have class on that side of campus. i hope nobody gets hurt and i hope this piece of crap gets arrested.

5:52pm Emergency Alert Update
The suspect remains at large. Classes for the evening of March 3, 2008 are cancelled. There have been no shots fired and no injuries reported. Campus personnel remaining on campus are asked to stay in the building they are occupying, lock the doors, and refer to this website for further information. Updates on the situation will be posted every 30 minutes.

Emergency Crime Alert
An armed gunman was seen in the area of Appalachian South Apartments / Hill Street area. Police are on the scene. All others should avoid the area, especially Hill Street parking lot. Call 262-8000 or 911 if you see anybody suspicious. The gunman was seen wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, a dark jacket, blue jeans and wearing a black mask. The subject is believed to be armed with a handgun.