Freaking Awesome Day

okay, so today was great. screw the zoloft because that stuff puts me in a horrible, paranoid, pissy mood and i definitely do not like it. and it makes my stomach hurt. and i can’t sleep with it. i’m better off without it.

we didn’t get to go jump off the dam today which was kind of a bummer ’cause it wasn’t exactly hot outside. we were going to go to the pool but then it got overcast, so we ended up making a few trips to lowes to get plexiglass. daniel broke the first piece so i went back and got it for $13 cheaper. that’s what you get for being female in lowes. i walked in and ended up getting unwanted help from about 8 employees and only 2 of them did me any good, and the guy at the register chopped off a few more bucks than what the first guy did. ha! gotta love getting freebies like that.

my speeding tickets are going to cost me an arm and a leg so if i stay in boone for the summer taking summer classes like i plan on doing, then i’m gonna get a second job aside from tech. support. probably a waitressing job or something like that where it’s fast cash, and i can just mail all my paychecks to my dad. how nice!

i’m gonna go help daniel finish building his snake cage. it’s got bamboo glued all over it at the moment. i’m not sure what he’s trying to do, but whatever.