i’m an idiot, and i 100% admit to it. i was driving home today and since my luck is so way up there lately, i got a 90 in a 65 speeding ticket by a douchebag cop in yadkin county. i always zone out when i drive home from boone since it’s a straight shot all the way back and it’s kind of like going into auto pilot and since i’m horrible with the lead foot i got myself another ticket and will probably be owing a lot of money in the end of may. and next weekend i get to go to court for my very first ticket! woohoo! let’s hope this doesn’t happen every month.

on a lighter note, i vacuumed my car and washed it and it’s all shiny now. thanks dad, for making it even more fun by chiming in with, “when you wash it, is it gonna make you go slower from now on?” every 10 minutes.

tomorrow will be a fun day with ry~ry. as for tonight, i’m not sure if i’ll be going out. austin was supposed to figure out the whole party thing but since everyone’s work schedules have changed as of the past few hours, i’m not really sure what’s going on. oh well. i might have a nice, quiet evening at home for the first time in a long time. i’d rather not, however.

after that ticket, i can easily say i need a beer. now. please? :satisfied: