First Day Jitters Are Over!

i was a little nervous about starting my new job today. maybe because it’s an entirely different atmosphere in about 8 thousand ways. a hundred new people to meet. not knowing really what to expect (besides the first 2 points).

after the first 5 minutes, all i could think was, “why the hell was i nervous?”

for starters, there wasn’t even HALF the amount of paperwork involved that i had to go through for my last 2 jobs. better yet, there was no running all over a navy base on a wild goose chase for 28 signatures in the summer heat.

i have WINDOWS, guys. you don’t know how crazy this is after not having windows for 2 years. i can see the sunlight. during the day.

within 15 minutes of being there, i was given mountain dew and milky way bars.

my cube, laptop, docking station, big shiny monitor, name plate, gift card, and a handwritten “we’re glad you’re here!” card were all waiting for me BEFORE i even got there. dude. it felt like i had to be in the wrong place.

i took pics of my cube for 2 reasons:

  1. to show brett
  2. to exercise actually being able to use a camera at work

given the amount of caffeine, chocolate, and nerf guns at my disposal in this place… there will be a lot of pictures down the road.

all the paperwork, benefits, random training, and various first day meetings took every bit of the work day. i was there until after 5:30, which… i can’t remember the last time that happened. the crazy part was–so was well over half of the office. i suppose that’s what happens when people enjoy their work.

i am hoping to catch this bug, whatever it is.

i feel like i will fit in here. i feel like i am with my kind of people. i feel like i am about to learn more than i ever thought i could.

i hope it stays this way.