feeling refreshed!

it feels great to tell someone off that you’ve been wanting to tell off for 3 years. it also feels great to finish a really tough assignment and do well on it. and it feels great to have studied for 3 hours or more last night and now i know i’m going to absolutely destroy my finance exam. iii… am excited. gaming club meeting tonight (hooray!) and registration tomorrow, and camping all weekend! and with next week comes a super exciting doctor’s appointment, my 3250 project, and a super fun case study. i’m just glad i’m getting shit done because procrastinating was making me feel like ass even more. i also got a ton of good shit at the market so i’m not eating crap food.

i actually ate carrots the other night… [i]carrots[/i]! i couldn’t believe it. i don’t think i’ve actually eaten a carrot willingly in years unless it was one of the steamed sugary ones that came with my food at a japanese restaurant. and usually i just poked those.

i’ve been going to the tanning bed every day or every other day lately and treating myself to frozen yogurt from TCBY. i never do stuff like that usually so it’s nice to kind of reward myself after busting my ass all week. yay. :biggrin:

i’m headed to work and then class and then that finance exam is going to feel my wrath.