Dynex = Die Next. They Weren't Kidding!

brett and i went to best buy last night, specifically to look for the gaming headset he wanted, and then it turned into a joke about how we can’t go to best buy without buying a TV. and then we bought a TV.

we bought this TV. it’s smaller and it would replace the old tube TV in our bedroom, and when we move and get DirecTV at the new house, we can hook the second receiver up to it since it has HDMI. plus it was on sale, and $250 for a 32″ HDTV isn’t too shabby, especially when split between the two of us.

until we brought it home and put it on the dresser and the stand actually BROKE. then we looked at it closer, and realized it was already missing pieces that had (i’m assuming) snapped off before it was packaged. we were both PISSED having just got back from the store. it was already dark out, and rainy, and neither of us really wanted to deal with this crap. he has more patience than i do (thank god) so he graciously went back to best buy and exchanged the TV.

he came home, and the stand on this TV (same TV, different stand) was WAY more sturdy (as in, it was made of METAL and not PLASTIC) and actually screwed onto the TV. awesome. we put it on the dresser and hit the power button and, whadya know, the damn thing was already broken. blank screen, blinking LED, and a brief period of 2 seconds where the “please wait” would appear and then disappear forever.

i did a little bit of googling and, as it turns out, dynex has a lot of problems, specifically this one. we’re going back today to return it and get a different TV. also, it will not be a dynex. also, we’re going to check the TV stand before we purchase it. also, i’m paying off my BB credit card and never ever returning. this will be the last of my problems with BB and HSBC.