December Already

holy shit. where did the year go? this is kinda scary. my first semester of college is already over and i feel like it started a week ago. :wassat: life is going WAY too fast.

james got me a ticket to go see BRET MICHAELS on thursday and oh my god i’m SO excited! this is going to be freaking awesome. and i think i’m gonna get to meet him. AND my research paper isn’t due until next friday since berrier rocks and decided to move it so i don’t have any worries for getting in late on thursday night… man, this is so cool.

i think daniel and i might be going to franklin this weekend but i’m not sure. i never know what my plans are anymore until something actually happens. so much more fun that way! :)

by the way, today was one of those days where i really thought i was going to wind up dead somewhere. i was in the shower this afternoon and we definitely got a fire drill. so.. i’m soaking wet and had to run outside in the freezing cold. let’s watch whitney get sick again! YES! :angry: we all stood out there like idiots for a while and then we all went back in, i got ready for class, i left, and it was raining. i went back in to get my rain coat and when i got back downstairs, it had stopped. i went to class and on my way to theatre, i tripped and fell up the stairs in the middle of class change in a nice big ol’ crowd of people and i made sure to inform them that they didn’t just see me do that. i guess i made for a good laugh. that’s what i’m good for. not to laugh with but to laugh at because somehow i manage to make an idiot out of myself no matter what.

thomas (11:24:09 PM): WHIT!! thomas (11:24:10 PM): []( thomas (11:24:12 PM): WTF IS THAT me (11:24:21 PM): my dog thomas (11:24:23 PM): IT’S AN EWOK!!!
yes, thomas. that’s why his name is [wicket](../images/wicket.jpg). :wink:

i’m going to bed now! goodnight.