Bret Michaels

tonight’s the night! james and jill and i are going to ziggy’s tonight and ohh boy it’s gonna rock. i’m so excited. i need batteries. lots and lots of batteries. my camera is going to die tonight… i can see it already. :wink: I CAN’T WAIT!!! class just can’t get over fast enough this afternoon. i wonder if they’re gonna sell t-shirts. mwahahaha!

i’ve decided that one thing i’m gonna do when the new year starts is take at least 1 picture a day to put in a photolog. it’ll be fun and maybe it’ll spark some inspiration for layouts in the future since i’ve sucked at thinking of new ideas for the past year or two. heh. it couldn’t hurt. either way, i’ll remember at least something from everyday! god, i’m such a nostalgia freak.

yesterday daniel brought to my attention yet again how horrible my anal retentiveness and/or obsessive compulsiveness has gotten. i constantly fix the pillows and sheets and stuffed animals in my room– everything has its own place and god forbit if it gets moved when someone sits down. i don’t let hardly anyone on my laptop for fear that something might get changed. i leave for class 35 minutes early because i have to be early to keep myself from stressing. my planner is my god (for you jesus freaks, i didn’t mean literally). i live by the damn thing and it’s color-coded and all the days are highlighted accordingly. THANK YOU, DAD, FOR THIS NEVER-ENDING CURSE!! i know i got it from you because i’m almost as bad as you. ahhh!!! :crazy: i shall never be normal. daniel also pointed out how my car makes me look like an identity crisis on wheels. it’s got a skull license plate frame, a leopard print steering wheel, geek stickers all over the back, a cowboy hat, and the music collection is just beyond sensible. :rolleyes: earlier this week i was caught wearing my cammie pants, my red fake wal-mart chucks, a white cut-off t-shirt, a neon pink almost-fishnet jacket, my multi-colored fluffy scarf, and a pink belt. i had been wondering all day why people were looking at me like i was a damned moron, but now i know why.

last night a bunch of us were over at daniel’s apartment sitting around watching TV and i could not stop smiling… or giggling. i am so happy right now and life is freaking awesome. i’ve got some of the best friends here at ASU and my dorm is full of kickass people, daniel rocks, and it’s almost christmas which means i am going home to see all my buddies and we’re gonna party and LAN it up all break long!

tuesdays and thursdays are quite possibly the most boring days of the week simply because psychology and theatre require nothing but sitting on my ass and taking notes and/or watching the professor pace back and forth. thank god for caffeine and window seats because without one or the other i’d surely die of boredom. i need to go shower and get ready to go.

i wrote this post like 30 minutes ago and i just read over it and it isn’t very coherent but i’m too lazy to mess with it. BYE!