Creepy Foreigners

i was sitting in the computer lab this morning after i finished my exam and i got a phone call from an “unknown” number. normally, i wouldn’t answer these, except sometimes adam’s phone craps out and he will skype me. skype comes up as an unknown number.

i picked it up. i have to say hello about 8 times. some guy answers and i naturally asked “who is this?”

he asked me to repeat myself. i did. and he asked who i was. i said whitney. he asked me to repeat myself 2 more times. then there was heavy breathing, some weird/mildly creepy laughter, and silence.

i said “do i know you?” and i guess he didn’t understand what that meant. he said, “i’m from russia!” more creepy laughter ensued.

this went on for about a minute. then i hung up. this summer i had the same kind of problem. i had a guy calling from egypt every night at about midnight doing creepy breathing and laughing and if i didn’t pick up, i’d get an equally creepy voicemail. or he’d skype me about 80 times and i’d get 80 little red flags on my screen.

another guy from china did that to me for a while except he had a friend with him every time he called and they would talk to each other. i don’t speak chinese so they could have been saying something nice, but i highly doubt it.

why do people do this? really, what’s the point?

it was only funny when adam got on the phone and told them off. after that, it gets old.