Coraline & Cisco

adam and i are going to see coraline tonight! i can’t wait. i’ve been watching lots of the “making of” videos on xbox live and on youtube. the level of detail is unbelievable.

has anyone seen it yet?

on a side note, AITP went to cisco in charlotte yesterday. it was probably the best trip we’ve had there so far. it was my 3rd time going with AITP and i think it was the 4th time they’ve put together an event like this for us. they keep getting better and better. we got to speak with a few channel partners, tour the office, experience telepresence again and speak with a woman in the RTP office about the ASR/ASE program, and they had a game for us planned at the end of the day.

they split us into 4 teams. we had about 37 people with us so they were big teams. everyone picked team captains. my team picked me which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :) each team was given a bell to ring when we had our answers written down. there were 20 questions, each worth 1 point. lucky for our team, i’m a quick writer and everyone had the right answers. it might not be that legible, but it worked. we won by a landslide!

so in addition to the laser pointer (i answered a question correctly at the beginning of the day) and the blanket (everyone who wore a suit picked a number, i picked the right one) i won, megan and cristal are sending our team a prize for winning the game. :grin: i don’t know what it is but i’m excited to find out!