Caylin's First Beach Trip

in pictures. because it’s 10:30 and i don’t feel like writing. i am le tired.

please ignore the crappy photo quality on half of these. we used my mom’s camera and she had it on the lowest setting. she knows not what she does! and i wasn’t paying attention. it’s the memories that count.

anywho, it finally stopped raining on sunday and was beautiful, sunny, and 70 degrees outside. my mom, brett, and i took caylin to folly beach. it was incredibly windy and not warm enough to play in the ocean, but she had her first taste :)


being adorable at folly beach crab shack. it was tasty. hadn’t had fresh seafood in a long while! calamari, shrimp, and flounder. and too many french fries. mom got a chicken sandwich. brett still gives me crap because we went to a burger joint back when i was pregnant and i ordered a chicken sandwich. now we know why.


so pretty

i left the flash on by accident.



mom, me, and caylin!


brett, me, and caylin!


she had her toes wiggling in the sand and was giggling and doing the weird laughing panting thing she does these days. so awesome.


my babygirl is a riot.


brett took her on a walk around the neighborhood while i went to target. i went to target to buy shampoo. i came home with shampoo, 4 caylin outfits, new bottles, and a whole mess of organic baby food. this is still a personal achievement in that i did NOT buy anything for myself.


and THIS. this was caylin’s personal achievement for the night. people–she fed HERSELF. it’s getting real over here. she is growing up so fast.