case of the <s>mondays</s> tuesdays

not sure why, but i’m in a really, really, not fun mood today. i talked to adam’s mom on the phone this morning and our discussion, as nice as it is hearing from her all the time, it got the gears turning in my head bigtime. the thought of being with him again when he’s home makes me so nervous. don’t get me wrong, i’m happy/thrilled/super excited/ecstatic about him coming home……. words can’t even come close to describing how awesome the next few months are going to be. i just have 50 billion questions in my head like, is he going to still feel the same way about us when he gets back? will it be weird? are we going to have to completely get to know each other all over again? i am crazy about him, obviously, and the thought of anything screwing up makes me scared shitless. i’m crossing my fingers that he will sweep me off my feet when i meet him at green ramp and i will be so consumed with that alone that i won’t care about anything else in the world and everything will fall into place.

i’m just frustrated because it’s almost exam time. got 1 down, 2 more this week, 5 next week. hopefully all will be taken monday and tuesday, because i have to get my ass to fort bragg. stress stress stress! i’ll be fine in a week. just have to get a grip. just a teeny tiny one.