adam called!!!!!!!!!!111

the only time i enjoy being woken up by a phone call is when it’s adam on the other line. i think i enjoy that more than anything in the world right now. adam, get your ass back to the states. i miss you so much.

he called with good news and bad news. the good news is- 1) he’s fine, 2) he’s coming home early!!!!!!! he’ll be home probably between the 6th and the 8th which is awesome. only thing is i have to reschedule my exams assuming my professors will let me. military stuff is on that list of “excused” things. so they better. or i’m going to raise hell. the bad news is…. i already knew that adam leaves for italy in march. to top that off, they threw another deployment to iraq in his face. so by the end of next year, he’s supposed to get sent to iraq for a full year. i am crossing my fingers and anything that can be crossed basically and i will be until that time comes because i really hope that gets changed. that sucks really bad, but… he knows i’ll be here waiting for him when he comes home. $&#*$#$#@$! i’m so in love with that kid!! less than 2 weeks. this means i need to get pretty and spiffy for when he comes home. omg… so excited!! gatlinburg and sevendust concert here we come!!!!!!! tennessee better be ready. and i hope it snows.

right now my mom and i are heading out to watch the wake forest vs maryland game at the fox & the hound. i’ve never been there before because i always thought it was kind of a yuppie bar or an older bar because i’d never heard of anyone but adults and wake forest kids going there. wake forest is uber rich… well, the majority. but… i don’t know. if they have good food, a fun atmosphere, and the game is on, i’m pretty sure i’m not going to care. i can usually get along with anyone unless they’re a turd.

i think my family thinks i’m an alcoholic or something…? my mom was talking about the bar and she says, “they have a ton of food, i’ll get a beer, you get a coke, and we can switch!!”. then my grandma offered me beer (my grandparents don’t really drink much beer) instead of orange juice for the first time in um, my whole life. and my dad told me not to get crazy last night when i went to my stepbrother’s house. and elmer (step-grandfather-in-law? i think?) kept offering me champaigne until i finally gave in the 6th time around and then beer with my ice cream. good lord, guys.

time to go!!!