Breakfast on the Chesapeake Bay

adam and i are at his grandparents’ house in virginia which is literally a stone’s throw from the chesapeake bay (absolutely BEAUTIFUL this morning). i woke up at 8:30 this morning after our hellacious (it was only bad because of all the turning around we had to do) drive last night and staying up until 2 AM catching up with his family. i don’t know why i’ve been waking up so unbelievably early for the last 2 weeks regardless of the fact that i don’t go to bed any earlier than normal. i could barely hold my head up last night.

anywho, the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes is filling this entire room and that combined with the impeccable view, the sound of his little brother wreaking havoc throughout the house, and the extreme cozy factor of my new maine hoodie that my dad bought me, i am in heavennn… :lol:

we spent yesterday and the night before that celebrating christmas with my family which was just what i needed to relax after all our air port woes. my mom and i baked gingerbread cookies and wrapped presents and did laundry and pigged out on cinnamon rolls all morning before heading to my dad’s for the afternoon.

we feasted on honeybaked ham, mashed taters & gravy, green beans, cornbread stuffing, caesar salad, bread, some seriously good chocolate, and the cream cheese ball my mom made. we exchanged presents, watched videos from our london trip, and basically sunk into the couch all afternoon. i LOVE the holidays! :smile:

the food is calling me. i have yet to post about london so i will do that soon. in the meantime, pictures can be found here.