12 Hour Layovers are a Pain in the Ass... Literally

i know i had said i’d be posting from london but i don’t think it’s too hard to believe that i got caught up sightseeing and spending time with adam to even think about this website. i got a bit behind but that’s okay. it was well worth it and i took a ton of pictures. i also took over 2 hours of video and i have to get that all sorted out so i can get it online. let’s just say… i don’t think i’ll be going into film making anytime in the near future.

the trip was a blast. again, europe is expensive. 2nd time around and since june–nothing’s changed! haha. a girl can hope, right? anywho, we did as much as we could fit into 6 days without exhausting ourselves TOO much. the jet lag messed up both of us pretty bad and we were usually passed out by 7 or 8 at night, but we also had a tendency to wake up at 6 every morning.

it’s been a looong 2 days of straight traveling. we got on the wrong train yesterday after leaving the hotel (i think it was yesterday? time change :???: ) and that took about 45 minutes to backtrack and get going in the right direction. we finally got to heathrow and got through security and customs (HELL!). i started eating what had to have been THE BEST “toastie”/tuna melt i’ve ever had in my entire life when i looked at the departures screen and realized our gate was “closing” so we had to haul ass to our gate. running with a sprained foot and all my winter gear on plus a giant backpack packed full of gifts was not easy. we got there only to find out that “flight closing” meant that they were about to start boarding. they really need to rephrase that. the plane ride went smoothly but the 12 hour layover was a bitch and a half and i never want to do that again. i’ll elaborate on that in the next post. :evil: we were delayed on the runway and finally got to raleigh/durham about an hour and a half late and got the hell out of there.

i will write more later. for now, i’m recovering. between the water over there, the hotel soap, and the weird bedsheets, my skin is driving me insane and my face has gone all to hell breaking out. so i’ve been burying myself in adam’s hoodies trying to avoid being seen and i already burst into tears once today because my head is so congested and my ears STILL wouldn’t pop from the plane landing.

i would be more chipper in writing about one of the best trips of my life but i really feel like crap. i wish i didn’t because it’s hard to convey how much fun i had when i have to keep wiping my nose in between typing every word and snuffling and snorting and trying to keep yawning to make my ears pop.

i will leave it at this–i am an incredibly lucky gal to have a man like adam. we had a blast together and i only hope to do it again one day… maybe in a cheaper country or when the dollar isn’t so worthless. he also bought us matching manchester jerseys and he bought me an adorable purse. gosh, i’m going to shut up or i won’t have anything to write about in the next entry.

more to come…!