Almost 1

the twins turn 1 at the end of this month.

i was so diligent about writing monthly when caylin was younger. then again, i had about 9000 fewer things to worry about.

that said, i still feel bad about not doing the monthlies. there are daily pictures, for sure. but i definitely missed out with the writing this time around.

can only keep up with so many things. i feel like i'm treading water most days.

i finally took the time to sift through a year's worth of photos to get prints made. i should've known better than to let them accumulate this long. 200+ pictures... is going to take a while to organize. >_<

the babies got their 2 bottom teeth last month, and we can feel their top ones trying to pop through. they're eating a ton, like 12 packs of baby food a day. and they'll be done with formula this month. hooraaay, so much money saved there.

so now... to find daycare. it's getting a lot harder for my mom to take care of them all day. they don't nap as much and they're a lot more mobile. so we've been looking at options in the area. everywhere we've wanted to go is filled up, and the rest of the options are just... not good. still trying to figure that out.

they're scooting all over the place in their walkers. well, mostly ella. she takes right off. zoey is more hesitant. she isn't as adventurous, yet. either that, or she just doesn't want to use her legs. they're both not really crawling yet, mostly just rolling around and holding themselves up and scooting around backwards. but any day now. it'll happen.

zoey is super grabby, and will yank anything that ella has. ella has more of an attitude so far, though, and is a lot more vocal. their personalities are already so different, which is fun to watch.

it's harder to get them to bed at night because they want to prop themselves up and roll around and play for a good 20 minutes before finally settling down, which means they inevitably roll on top of one another and get mad. or pass out squished together. i end up going in there at least once a night (usually more) to separate them. but it's so cute.

still lots of stroller walks these days, especially to the playground so caylin can practice the monkey bars and her flips. and now that the pool is open, i imagine that'll be the routine for a while.

caylin is almost done with kindergarten, which is scary. and she just finished up another round of swim lessons. she'll be going to camp all summer (i don't know what we'd do otherwise).

i've been traveling pretty much monthly for side projects (namely OpenSOC, which i love being part of), so that's kept me busy. lots more security conferences on the calendar.

other than that... work. come home. watch kids while one of us works out, and trade off. dinner. bedtime. work and watch shows. sleep. repeat.

there isn't a day that goes by where i don't feel like i could sleep for 12 more hours.