All The Happy Thoughts

this feels like the longest, most challenging weekend of my life. of parenthood. good lord.


that being said, bottom line… it’s only potty training, and life goes on. she’s not going to end up in kindergarten unable to pee on the potty without kicking someone in the jugular.

i can’t help but think of all of those families going through so much worse than potty training. we have a perfect, healthy, baby girl. and for that i am thankful.

this whole weekend, i kept thinking of this brave, adorable guy and his family. both brett and i were friends with his mom, meghan, in college. she’s a sweetheart, and i’m sure this little man is even sweeter. the facebook page explains it all–less than 2 years old battling leukemia. i can’t imagine what they’re going through. it puts everything in perspective.

i’m sure potty training is about #38259732 on their list of hopes and prayers.

at the end of the day, what matters is her little arms around my neck, holding her, and reading her bedtime stories.

so in lieu of this weekend, since the 3 of us were about to kill each other (we haven’t left the house in 3 days, and have barely left the downstairs), here is a list of things that just made my heart melt in the midst of the chaos in the champion household.

  • while i was putting my makeup on the other morning, caylin stood behind me while i sat on the floor, and brushed my hair. “pretty hair, mommy.”
  • while tucking her into bed the other night, she put her hands on both of my cheeks and kept feeling around. she felt where my face had broken out. “booboo, mommy?” i told her, yes, it was a boo. she pulled my face to hers, kissed it. “all better, mommy?” i can’t even.
  • while caylin was snacking earlier today, sitting at the table, the credits for frozen came on. there’s a cover of “let it go” sung by someone else, idk. but caylin sang her heart out. i wanted to get my phone and record it but it would’ve distracted her and i would much rather just soak that one in than ruin it. i can’t get enough of her little voice when she sings.
  • we sat on the couch this morning for over 3 hours (checking every so often if she had to potty) and watched tangled, frozen, and 101 dalmatians. she cuddled the whole time.
  • her little face lit up every time i asked her to help pour an ingredient while i was cooking this weekend–tomato soup, bread, muffins, rice, salads, anything. she LOVES being on her little ladder, helping out in the kitchen.
  • i have never seen anyone so excited to show her daddy her #2. she was filled with pure joy.
  • every time i brought her food to her (snacks, lunch, dinner, anything), she said thank you. every time. without being reminded.
  • while we were watching madagascar tonight, she put her arms around my neck, and squeezed us cheek to cheek. then she turned and just kept kissing me on the cheek. i love her.
  • we shared a tuna sandwich on the couch.
  • she still asks me to lay with her after we read her bedtime stories. it’s kind of hard when she’s on a loft bed, but i try to reach my head to her pillow every night. no matter the discomfort. it’s worth it just to feel her breathing and playing with my hair.

this weekend might have been hell for us, but i’m sure it would have been more than heaven for so many other families.

i have never had patience, of any kind, whatsoever. but what i learned this weekend (and have slowly been learning throughout parenthood) is that no matter how frustrated or fed up i am, it can always wait until tomorrow. i was fuming before we put her to bed. but by the end of the first bedtime story, i was wishing for another hour of cuddling her and a stack of books.