alive and well

i’ve not been much for posting the past week and a half. so much stuff has happened this month that i can’t even begin to put it all into words on here. and last month. a lot of people lost their lives in such a short period of time and i haven’t been able to come to terms with it quite yet. such a straaange feeling.

adam called on saturday AND sunday! i was so happy to hear from him. it had been over a week and after all the events that have been going on, it was a much needed phone call. we both got to vent for a little while. i can’t wait until he gets his package. and he said he sent me another letter, so hopefully that’ll be here soon. i :heart: you adam!

i ordered 2 diabolical hotdog stickers and one is now on my laptop and the other is on my car. times like these remind me of when someone referred to my car as an “identity crisis on wheels”. well, now my laptop is too. rhinestone “whitney” and a hotdog with a flamethrower. adam’s going to come home and stare blankly at me for a few seconds and back away slowly.

while i was at the store today, there was a mom and a little boy shopping together and i couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation. the little boy was totally decked out in black cowboy boots, black cowboy hat, tight wranglers, and a checkered collared shirt. he had the biggest southern drawl i’ve ever heard come out of something that tiny and he was staring up at all the nascar driver pictures naming which ones he thought were “really awwwwwesome”. some guy was right near them and he was just as tickled as i was with this kid and he started to laugh at him. the kid’s mom turned around and went, “tell the nice man what you named your goat!” and he said “sir, i named my goat mark martin!”. you know you’re in wilkes county when 1) kid has a pet goat, and 2) he named it after a nascar driver. the outfit kinda blends in with the territory and i could handle the cowboy attire, but that goat, that got me. i felt bad for laughing so hard but sometimes there just are no words… damn.

i think my economics test today kicked my ass. i know i’m not the only one with that bad feeling. yikes. we learned why pencils are yellow and everything we ever wanted to know about clorox in accounting, and we got free muffins, so that might make up for the letdown when i get my econ. grade.

i have been slacking on watching LOST lately. i have missed the past 3 weeks. if i didn’t have such shitty internet here, i’d be watching it now. but knowing meadowview, it’ll take about 6 hours to watch an almost-commercial-free episode. oh well. i’ll make myself cozy somewhere on campus this week.

the only things i have left to do this week are my other 2 statistics assignments that are due after friday and my biology lab that’s due tuesday. other than that, i think i’m home free. i love that feeling. as for next week’s goal- get out of the damn bed and get to class. i could kick myself for being such a slacker lately. seriously. i have my doctor’s appointment on wednesday so that will also be a relief because i hate physicals and i hate needles. piercings, yes, shots, no. i don’t get it. also payday that day so that’ll be a load off my back. hopefully jill and i will get our money for working the WFU vs Clemson game, too. jeiofjw;fiewjfa;. i hate having crap hanging over my head. yet i continue to be such a procrastinator.

i have the worst craving for taco casserole.