A Little Cramped

this weekend was move-in weekend.

after months of anticipation, brett is finally with me in charleston. brett, his mountains of clothes, his couch, his TV, and his entertainment center, are all finally in my apartment. let’s just say, if and when we have guests over, they will have 13 different seating options and will be able to watch ESPN HD and play xbox at the same time.

he starts working in 2 weeks, and we’ll be in vegas the rest of this week, so this past weekend was really the only option we had to move his things down without being too rushed.

we drove to boone friday afternoon to get the rest of his belongings. actually, he drove to boone friday morning. i drove to boone friday afternoon, and would have arrived sooner had i not gotten stuck in the ice. quick side story:

if you’ve ever driven up 421 north after a snowstorm, you know how gorgeous the mountains look. i wanted had to take a picture. i am mildly obsessed with the mountains and get goosebumps when i see them on the drive back to boone, and i couldn’t resist pulling off onto the parkway to snap a photo.

unfortunately, they did not have any signs or warnings surrounding the entrance to the blue ridge parkway. my saturn is not the best off-road vehicle, but i was not aware i would be driving through a foot of snow and ice and fallen down trees. i got up to the parkway and got stuck. my car was facing uphill, and i couldn’t even go in reverse.

i panicked for a minute. i looked around to make sure no one was watching. i got out of the car and kicked some snow from around my tires and tried gunning it again–no dice. i sat there for about 10 seconds when a jeep pulled up. somehow, by the grace of god, i knew the person behind the wheel. my friend stephen, fellow AppState alumni, and his girlfriend were trying to take the scenic route, also. they, too, realized how impossible it would be.

they had a jeep, so they had no problems turning around. my little saturn, however, took some pushing and shoving and rocking and finally we got my car rolling, and i made it back down to 421. after all that, i still didn’t get my picture.

ANYWAY, that sucked. i got to boone safe and sound. i helped brett and his parents clean up his apartment and pack up the rest of his things, we ate dinner at macado’s, made a quick trip to ink link to buy a new eyebrow ring (my bathroom sink keeps swallowing mine), and drove down to mooresville to spend the night.

the next morning, we loaded up the trailer and headed to charleston. i packed up my christmas tree (so sad, i did not want to take it down yet) and did some SERIOUS cleaning and rearranging. mostly in my closet. i gave a trash bag overflowing with clothes to goodwill and an entire box full. my closet is still at full capacity. i don’t know how we fit all his things in there. he has more clothes than i’ve ever seen in my life.

there is now a very real fear that one day i will come home and my closet shelves and clothes racks will have collapsed into a giant, mangled mess on my floor. we are nearing that point with the shelves in the laundry room, as well. needless to say, we need to move into a 2 bedroom when my lease is up. we’ve realized how insane it would be to even make an attempt at house-buying after only 5 months.

we got everything unpacked yesterday by 5, and were done setting it all up by 7:30. his surround sound system pretty much owned us, but we finally got it figured out. about an hour of that was spent just trying to fix the giant cable management FAIL behind my entertainment center. once i got that worked out, we spent an hour getting the surround sound hooked up.

little did we know, the manual was packed in one of the boxes. prior to finding the manual, we finally looked up the manual online. prior to looking the manual up online, i got shocked half a dozen times scooting around on carpet plugging things in and yanking cables out. my left arm was tingling for 20 minutes–seriously.

after all that was said and done, i reheated leftovers and we watched surviving the game. ice T is such a badass.

in addition to yesterday’s events, i also made my first attempt at making coffee. evidently, i made it extra strong. because of this, i was wired all night. so we also watched revolutionary road and fracture until 3 in the morning. i finally passed out, but only after stuffing my face full of pizza rolls and spilling the remaining coffee all over my kitchen floor, and, of course, myself.

yesterday was full of FAIL, but it was also so very full of WIN! because now we are all settled in. and las vegas is tomorrow. and when we come home on saturday, i’m almost certain the entire contents of my closet will be in a mangled mess on the floor, but at least it will be our mess. awww.