7 Months, Other Updates

caylin turned 7 months old on saturday. i really don’t know where the last 7 months went. it feels like just yesterday i was in the hospital holding her little bitty body in my arms, terrified of what to do with my new baby. now she is half my height, and i actually struggle carrying her around everywhere.

the past month has been incredible and she gets more fun by the day. she is just so damn awesome now.

  • she’s been sleeping through the night for several weeks now, and it’s GREAT. only a few times has she woken up in the middle of the night to eat. if anything, usually i just pat her on the back and give her her pacifier. 8PM – 7:30ish AM. fan-tastic.

  • she has these CRAZY hyper moods lately where she just starts freaking. screaming, laughing, jumping, flailing her toys around, banging on everything. it is hilarious.

  • she eats pretty much anything. some things she’ll only eat a few bites of if she’s not crazy about it, but for the most part she gobbles it all down. yogurt, chicken/veggies/quinoa (her favorite), beef stew, little bits of cheese, rice cakes, it’s so much fun letting her try new things.

  • my mom and my grandparents bought her a little red wagon that she absolutely loves to ride around in! we take her out on walks whenever it’s nice out.

  • she does this weird half hug/half faceplant thing lately which is weird. adorable but weird. i’m not really sure what it is but it’s awesome.

  • she’s wearing size 12 month clothes now. i had to buy her all new pajamas because the ones she has are starting to squish her feet in the ends. i don’t think the 12 month ones will last long.

  • she’s figuring out what splashing is in the bathtub. she loves bath time. especially since i got a bunch of bath toys for her to play with.

  • there is pretty much nothing she’ll pick up that she won’t put in her mouth, and the remotes are still her favorite. oh, and the funnel from the kitchen. i’ll never understand.

  • one of her favorite things to do is drink water out of cups. she is fascinated with cups. specifically our pint glasses.

  • her hair is getting a lot fuzzier, and boy is it blonde. i can’t wait until it gets a little longer.

  • i’m pretty sure her laugh is intoxicating. you can’t not have a great day after hearing it.

this list doesn’t do the last month any justice. we have just been loving watching her figure out the world around her.

sometimes i feel like this is some crazy science project for big kids. like, nature just decided to see what would happen if you give 2 pretty-much-still-kids a baby. “HERE, YOU TWO! have a baby! see what happens! you have no idea what you’re doing!” somewhere in the universe, aliens are looking at our townhouse through a giant magnifying glass laughing.

yesterday, caylin barfed in my hair.

today, she yanked out a tuft of thor’s hair.

occasionally, she sticks her foot in a poo-filled diaper and flings it.

the other day, she realized what my eyebrow ring was and thought it would be fun to yank on.

last week, we introduced shredded cheese to caylin. she didn’t poo for over 24 hours. OOPS. she was sooo cranky, and the MOMENT she crapped herself, she started shrieking and flailing about laughing. complete 180.

yesterday morning, i let her sit in bed with me and brett until my mom got to the house. i had my eyes closed listening to her talk to herself, and she decided that i should be paying better attention. so she just started slapping me in the face and yanking on my hair and pulling my bottom lip like it wasn’t attached. oh my god.

mostly, i feel like at any given moment, you could snapshot our life and caption it “FOR SCIENCE”, and it would be entirely appropriate.

anyway, i’m still doing great on the exercise front. i’ve been doing a nike training club workout every night, despite my hatred for squats (kill me now), and despite my severe lack of space in which to do it. our house will be ready in less than 2 months–i can’t wait to have a whole ROOM to move around in.

i also decided a salad for every dinner wasn’t practical, and that i’d feel guilty for not making brett food. i usually cook every night, and i realized i actually enjoy it most of the time, so i continued doing that. i’ve just been cooking better dinners, and eating better lunches. except today. today i had a burger. i couldn’t fight the craving any longer. sometimes it just has to happen. i try to balance it out. if i have a crappy lunch, i make a way better dinner. either way, my portion sizes for every meal have been smaller. i never over eat because i hate feeling full, but i’m trying to be even better about it.

i started making us smoothies every morning for breakfast instead of my scrambled eggs. 1 banana, 4-5 strawberries, 3-4 big chunks of pineapple, about 1/3 cup of orange juice, about 1/2 a cup of baby spinach, and 4 ice cubes. i love my magic bullet. i have never really liked smoothies much because the lumpy texture really freaks me out, but these things are so good. my friend stacey got me reading thug kitchen and it inspired me.

i’ve also been making a lot of guacamole lately. just avocado mixed with salt, lime juice, and newman’s own chunky salsa. so good. i never liked guac until a few months ago when i tried it again. NEW FOOD IS SO EXCITING!

not a whole lot has been going on lately. get home around 5:30, cook dinner, eat dinner, hang out with caylin and take her on walks if it isn’t raining, feed caylin and play with her until bedtime at 8. make formula for the next day, clean up downstairs, relax a bit before working out, shower, and by then it’s at least 10 PM. watch our shows if we have any.

walking dead season finale was sunday night, and the americans will be over in 4 episodes. baseball has taken over the TV again (hate watching baseball on TV), and brett has no basketball OR football to watch now. he’s about to lose his mind. i can’t wait for homeland and dexter and sons of anarchy to come back.

we finally watched les miserables the other night and while i absolutely loved it, i was so dead tired that i kept nodding off for the last half hour. i’m so pissed at myself for that, and i really regret not being able to see it on the big screen. it was still a GREAT movie. we also watched hot tub time machine (wayyy other direction, i know), and it was also awesome. ly hilarious.

this weekend we’re heading to NC for a night. i wish it was for longer because there are so many people i want to see, and i want to go see my family, but friends of mine are having a party saturday and i never get to see them. then on sunday we’re driving east to pick up my grandparents and bring them back to charleston so they can stay with my mom for a week.

lots of driving and so little time to see some of my favorite people, but at least i get to see them. :) can’t complain. life is good.