35 Months

i can’t believe this kid turns 3 this month. feels like i was wearing her around the house just yesterday, and now i can barely carry her she’s so big. :(

  • she’s obsessed with playing in the sand at the end of our driveway lately. we’ve been spending most evenings playing outside, which is awesome. but i’ve started planting the beach chair near the end of the driveway because it makes me nervous when she’s that close to the road. but this girl loves to dig in the sand. she’s great about backing up like 6 feet when a car comes near, though. and she even yells at me when i go in the road, which is pretty cute. sand and buckets and muddy puddles.

  • still stuck on peppa pig… i swear we’ve seen every episode 93 times at this point. she even recites what’s happening throughout the show. somehow, she hasn’t gotten sick of it yet. i don’t understand.

  • brett bought her some toy dinosaurs from toys-r-us. i think she picked them out. one of the characters in peppa pig has a toy dinosaur and i think she carried it over. but she loves them, so now we collect cars, dinosaurs, princesses, and ponies. quite the array.

  • whenever we ask her something, she responds “YES”, very politely. not yeah–YES. it’s so cute.
  • she went to the trampoline park for the first time this month, and then ashley and i took all the girls a second time, AND the other neighbor’s kid. i got a good feel for what it’s like toting 2 crazy children around–adorable, but exhausting. they loved the trampoline park though. $10 to jump for an hour and $2 for your special “sky socks” if you didn’t bring your own. not a bad deal. and sunday mornings are toddler time, so that worked out. but.. so many mount pleasant/daniel island rich moms. ashley and i were like… where are we.



  • she also went to her first real gymnastics class this month, and LOVED it. only downside is we have to wait until she turns 3 to sign her up. but it’s closer to home and it’s at 5:30 1-2 days a week, and her best friend madi is in the class–perfect. it’s a bit of a transition for her from the little gym where they let her run a muck the whole time, and in this class she has to wait in line and take turns. she’ll get there, but when we went last week she would just take off running across the gym and the teachers would have to chase her down (moms have to stay in the mom area, boo). it was so cool to watch her just take to it the way she did. hopped right up and did everything like a big girl. so proud.


  • caylin has been saying bye to loki every time we leave for a while now, but now it’s “bye woki! bye door (thor)! i wub you! i’ll see you soon!” adorable.


  • i don’t know what show she got this from or if she got it from the little gym or what (she still goes once a week with my mom), but she started doing this goofy, “ladies and gentleman, boys and girls…” followed by usually gibberish. she’ll talk so softly that we can’t understand what she’s saying… and then she will go nuts or bow or whatever. it’s usually at night when she’s all wound up and showing off and being weird. but it’s so funny.


  • hitting/scratching has been more of an issue lately. not with other kids, but with me and brett. she just gets so hyper and starts flailing her arms and legs and her nails are like tiny razors.


  • and then we have exactly the opposite “problem”, which can hardly be considered a problem except it might become one when she starts preschool. but she is SO generous with hugs and kisses. it is so sweet, because she just loves it. she wears her heart on her sleeve, and you can see the disappointment when other kids don’t reciprocate. but not everyone is as huggy as she is.


  • she has started using the big girl potty, without a training seat on top. previously she’d been using the little seat on top or a regular training potty, but now she climbs on and does it all herself. the other night we were getting ready for bed, and she was about to go potty. she told me to “you leave, and shut the door, mommy”. so that happened. she’s a big girl :(


  • not a fan of having her hair brushed lately, or putting clothes on after her bath. i don’t know where that came from. i’ve had to continuously talk her into it. always a new phase.

  • lots of cuddles still, especially at bedtime or after her bath or on weekend mornings when we all just lay in bed for as long as possible. she is so warm and cozy, i can’t get enough of it. eating it up while i can.

  • she always wants to try everything by herself–this has been one of the biggest things over the past few months, but especially lately. getting in and out of her chair. getting undressed. getting dressed. fixing her dolls. painting her nails. feeding the animals. going potty. “i do it! i do it! i’m a big girl” all the time now. it’s bittersweet.

  • SHE GOT HER EARS PIERCED THIS MONTH. brett and i took her to the mall–he was looking for clothes, it was a pretty slow day, we wandered. smoothies and quarter machines and shoulder rides. we almost never go there. on the way out, i saw claires. i had asked caylin before if she wanted to get her ears pierced, but she always changed her mind. i asked her one last time, and she said yes. she was sure. we went in, she got on the seat, gathered all the stuffed animals, and she didn’t make a peep. the whole time. she just sat there in stunned silence, and was so proud of herself afterwards. she picked out elsa earrings, surprise. she did awesome. brett was a mess up until it happened :)


  • she is doing AWESOME at swimming–i wanted to save this for last because it was like all of a sudden something clicked. she just goes for it now. she’s swimming underwater and jumping and swimming to me and diving for her dinosaurs. “you stay here, mommy. i do it. i’m a big girl.” she wants NO help. but obviously she can’t go forever, she wears herself out super fast and her little legs can kick no more and she goes under when she’s not ready. so she still needs help, but for the most part she’s solid. it’s so much fun to watch. i bought her goggles, which she loves now. as much as i HATE that she’s getting older, it is so so awesome to see her grow and become a little crazy person.





she’s amazing. just when i think it can’t get anymore fun. i love her to pieces.