alright, so i’ve got valentine’s day covered, i believe. :smile: this kid better be happy. thank you for everyone who e-mailed me with ideas. i ended up going with my first ideas and i think i’m somewhere in the vicinity of being a kickass girlfriend. maybe it’ll last for a while. :wink: thank you, james. you saved my butt, legally. and thank you, collin. you are a lifesaver. we get to hang out again, finally!

it’s gonna be a tech. support night at dos amigos, with the exception of jill. i guess she can be a groupie or whatever. brian, stephen, dale, jill, and i are going to dinner at 5:30 and then jill and i are gonna watch chicago and knit like crazy for a few hours. fun times, fun times. and then it’s back to the highlands for me!

work is slow as crap tonight. the phones are barely even ringing. this is amazing! i’m gonna go play snood again. :cool: