my alarm went off at 6 this morning like it was supposed to. apparently, i turned it off and just went back to sleep, not even acknowledging the fact that i was supposed to wake up for my 8:00 class. HA! i know, i’m a winner. i slept until 12:30. that’s 12 and a half hours. that’s more sleep than i get in 2 nights. how awesome is that?

i’ve given up on the battle of the drink machines downstairs. my appcard got a little screwed up after jessica used it (thanks :biggrin:) and now it only works on the door to my building every once in a while and IT DOES NOT WORK ON MOUNTAIN DEW AND/OR SUNKIST MACHINES! that’s the part that pisses me off the most. i’ve recently been reduced to getting fruit punch out of the other machine since i don’t really like coke and the only other crap in the coke machine is 100 different variations of coke (all disgusting) and iced tea and lemonade. don’t get me wrong, i love love love lemonade, but i’ve become addicted to limeade and when the thirst is there, lemonade just doesn’t do it justice. so sad. :crazy:

skiing last night rocked. i fell once and that was because tyler (my instructor) was telling us to do 360s down the slope which means going backwards at some point in time downhill and because i’m not that coordinated yet i busted my ass. i got up just in time to hear him saying, “get off the ground, shorty!”. PAUSE only 1 person in my class knows me and that’s john from my freshman seminar class. he’s the only person besides tyler in that class that knows my name. WHY CALL ME SHORTY WHEN YOU HAVE MY NAME ON THE SHEET OF PAPER IN FRONT OF YOU?! the entire world is against me. i’m really starting to believe this. so anyway, yeah, pictures from last night are up in the gallery.

now, let me get back to drinking my fruit punch. bastards.