last night tim, michael, kandi, & i went to see unleashed at the movie theatre. movies are expensive and the price keeps going up… $7.50 for a damn ticket. ridiculous, right? a group of 4 comes out of the movie theatre and says “are you guys going to see unleashed?” we told them yes, and they just handed over all 4 tickets for free! how lucky is that? that’s 30 bucks they could’ve definitely used. they told us they didn’t want money and they weren’t staying, so we could go in their place. to top it off, the movie was so, SO good… it has stuff in it for both guys and girls… boobs and violence for the guys, and a sappy story smushed in for the ladies. i recommend it. :wink: unless you have a weak stomach and don’t like blood. then… you might not want to go see it.

commencement was here at wake forest today and there were SO MANY PEOPLE… i was trying to run errands and make my way through the crowd. i was lucky to not get squished or accidentally in the back of some kid’s picture. yikes. :wassat: they’re gonna have a confused looking short person running frantically through a crowd in quite a few of those photos.

now i get to answer anita’s phone for the next hour and a half, then i get to go home! :cool: