Fun Week So Far!

[edit]last night’s pictures, last week’s pictures[/edit]

i’ve learned a lot this week. #1- never ride in fayre’s wrangler when the top is off to drive to yadkinville… why? because it gets cold at night and 75 mph down the highway is definitely not comfy. that and when your hair hits your face that fast it feels like a billion tiny needles poking you all at once for a really long time. #2- never go to pizza hut at lunch hour… why? all the construction workers in the triad gather there apparently. bad idea. #3- never watch the bachelor again. #4- never play pyramind beer pong ever again. it lasts way too long, thus giving you a better chance to suck at it. #5- never sleep at collin’s again because it got me sick, allergies blow. and finally, #6- don’t give marcus mass amounts of beer.

that sums it up so far. i’m taking the day off of work because my head feels like a balloon from my allergies being so bad and my throat hurts now because of it too. i’m tired and groggy and i’m sure drinking last night didn’t make this situation any better, but at least i’m not hungover and sick. now that would be one hell of a combination. :crazy: last night was a lot of fun, though. collin picked up adam and his friend will from duke yesterday and brought them back here to hang out. it was us 4, matt, leah, and marcus all hanging out in k-vegas all night last night and it was so much fun. i love these guys. i missed them this year bigtime. what sucks is adam is leaving for chicago as soon as laX is over with… hopefully collin & i will make it up there before summer is over.

i think one of the best parts of yesterday was the fact that grainger called me at midnight and i had not heard from him in over a month since he was busy with operation matador. i was so scared because puhlman’s (another one of my buddies over there, grainger’s friend) mom had left an away message that puhlman had lost some dear friends and to pray for everyone… she failed to specify who was lost in the away message and i read that at work on monday and flipped out. if anything had happened to this kid, i don’t know what the hell i would’ve done. i’d be devastated. i miss my best friend.

i think i’m gonna try to go to sleep. i feel like i’m gonna throw up and i really don’t want to. :angry: grr… why can’t this medicine work a little faster!!!

oh yeah, pictures from last night will be up shortly.