murphy for the weekend

i’m leaving soon to meet grainger at wal-mart and then i’m heading back to boone and THEN… going to murphy!!! this weekend is gonna be a lot of fun… and hopefully we’ll get to go fishin. hopefully. :biggrin:

anyway, yesterday i was all over the place. i woke up and showered and headed to byrd/early/kennedy/jarrod’s place to say hey to everyone. austin and matt were there, early and kennedy weren’t, but i got to see all them which was great. i miss you guys. <3 i went to my dad’s and he and christine cooked me a ton of dinner and boy, it was good. i got probably the longest lecture of my life (thanks guys… good lord) which ended up turning into a political debate between the two of them and i got myself out of there! barf. i headed to thomas’s and so it was me, grainger, thomas, tim, chris, landon, andrea, and mark.. god, i have missed being there. i really have. it’s so nice coming home and hanging out with everyone like that. a bunch of us went to waffle house later on and crammed everyone in grainger’s pimped out jetta… literally crammed. that back seat is so freaking tiny. i got a lot of pictures but they won’t be up until after the weekend so it might be a while. oh well. i gotta get out of here! everyone cross your fingers that i don’t drive my car off a mountain.

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