a little too early

i haven’t woken up at 6 AM since highschool and boy it was a slap in the face this morning. the sun wasn’t up yet and that’s something i am not used to anymore. yuck! :angry: i got to my interview and my interviewERS weren’t even there yet so that was a relief. i won’t be able to do anything until i’m a sophomore so i have plenty of time to think things over. but the interview went great!

i took an hour-long nap after i studied for psychology for about a pretty good while. i got so sick of it and it started making me sleepy, so i fixed that problem. i went to class and finished my test and sat in raley for a while waiting for 3:30 to roll around.

my boss rocks because he bought me my queensryche ticket and i got it today!!! october 28 back home… it’s going to rock. anthony i have to give you yours too! they’re sitting here right in front of me and i am so excited.

i had another quiz in theatre today and then we just sat and talked about close to nothing for the rest of the class. it wasn’t very exciting but it passed the time, i suppose. we were let out of there early so i had about 30 minutes before my meeting so i sat in the student union with mark while we bitched about stupid people and highschool. quite fun!

daniel picked me up and we waited in line at dos amigos for ages before finally sitting down. dinner was good though, and i definitely cleaned my plate. i hadn’t eaten until that… dear god, i was starving. we went to expressions right after we ate and i hadn’t been in there yet. i know 2 people that work there, neither of which were working tonight, but that place is going to be a money trap for me if i don’t stay out of there. i didn’t know what most of the stuff in that store was even used for but the stuff i actually recognize would be stuff i’d buy in a heartbeat. must…stay…away!

it was the yankees/redsox game tonight so paul, jessica, brian, danny, eric, chris, jeff, daniel, & i all crammed in the living room to watch the game and play poker while the guys had a few coronas and we all relaxed. ’twas a fun night… this weekend will be fun for the few of us that are going… murphy, here we come! :cool:

i do believe it’s bedtime. :doze: