Long Day

today has lasted forever and it’s only 9:15. :crazy: i rolled out of bed at 10 this morning and i only got up because it felt like i’d slept until 1 in the afternoon. i looked at the clock and wanted to crawl back in bed but my body functions weird and doesn’t let me go back to sleep after already getting up. i wanted to sleep in… a lot. oh well.

i drove to winston to go to lunch with my mom and that was nice… mexican food is always a great way to start the day. i dropped off all my crap at plato’s closet, and by the way, if you’ve never been there, they rip you off. i took in about 20 shirts and they were all up-to-date and in perfect condition. over half of them i’d never even worn. they took ONE of them and gave me $3.50 for it… ghey. thursday night we had a st. patty’s shindig at eric’s apartment and since it was st. patty’s we were all of course drunk and i broke my purse and lost the zipper and daniel couldn’t fix it so i had to go to target this afternoon and get another one. all of mine get destroyed eventually so i go through them like crazy. i guess i shouldn’t buy the cheap ones anymore? i also broke my cell phone face today so i have to use the ghetto looking gray factory one until my mom is able to get 2 free phones which is supposed to happen this week. hell yes for an upgrade because we’ve got some old ones.

i spent the remainder of the afternoon searching all over hell and creation for a salvaged 2002 pontiac firebird wheel and found NOTHING. i looked for 2-3 hours online and around kernersville/winston/lewisville/clemmons and didn’t accomplish anything. sorry, daniel! i’m a failure. you’re gonna have to ride on a donut for a tad bit longer.

i’m at my dad’s and i’ve been sitting in front of the TV for like 2 hours because i don’t feel like doing anything at all. he cooked filet mignon tonight for dinner and i am totally stuffed and feel like falling asleep but it’s way too early for that. so, i’m watching G.I. jane, which i’ve never seen before. everyone i know hates it. it’s not that bad, actually. it’s either this or el dorado and i’m sick of listening to john wayne’s voice so i’m in a bind.

i think this weekend is actually doing me some good, contrary to earlier beliefs. i’ve spent time with my parents which is a rarity lately, daniel and i have our own time which hasn’t happened in ages, and i got to go to waffle house night with tim, thomas, and michael, which was a blast… yes, waffle house can be that fun. :cool:

despite the fact that i’m bored out of my mind, this house is starting to feel somewhat “homey” and i’m stress free which is a first in a VERY long time. daniel’s been calling every few hours and hearing the words “i miss you” makes everything instantly wonderful.

back to the movie… fun fun.