Can We Say Mansion?

i haven’t been home in slightly over a month and everything goes ass backwards when i get back! WTF?

i got home and my mom has a new car. my bedroom doesn’t feel hardly like a bedroom anymore, but merely a place where my server sits and holds all my shit that i didn’t want to take to college. the fridge no longer has lemonade in it, which totally blew my mind. my dad and stepmom moved into their new house and it’s freaking unbelievably huge and i don’t know why they built such a big house for 2 people and 2 dogs. they’re crazy. it’s gorgeous, but they’re crazy. i don’t know my way around the neighborhood or kernersville and i’ve already been lost once. i’m sure i’ll be lost tomorrow. i feel 100% out of place today. i think i need a good night’s sleep and that should fix a few things.

tomorrow is lunch with my mom and my 2nd trip to plato’s closet. it’s the 2nd trip because the first time i drove all the way there (20 minute drive) and FORGOT TO BRING THE BAG OF CLOTHES! so after i do that tomorrow, hopefully i’ll be meeting up with you bastards in king. i miss you. a lot.

i already miss daniel and it’s been… 8 hours, estimated. why must i be such a loser?

i forgot to pack socks and even though it’s significantly warmer than boone here, the house is FREEZING and i am numb. sigh

i need sleep. goodnight.