LAN partaaayyyy

so… the black eyed peas concert is tonight. i have to be at the holmes center by 6, doors at 7, show at 8. there are going to be a hell of a lot of people there. i don’t like BEP but it will be a fun concert, that’s for sure. i was walking back from the concert meeting last night at the holmes center which, i mean, isn’t really that far of a walk from my dorm, but it was long enough for me to go numb up to my knees. i was a dumbass yesterday and wore flip flops and cammies instead of jeans and rainboots. usually the flip flops work for rainy days, but i guess they just don’t do the job as well when it’s about 40B0.

chris and the tech. support guys are having a LAN this weekend that i plan on going to tomorrow. i am really pretty psyched since i haven’t been able to go to one in ages, like a coordinated one, so it’ll be awesome. i’ll be gaming on my laptop (woohoo!) since my desktop is still at home but i think it’ll perform better anyway. it does when i play CS and DoD so we’ll see. :cool:

if anyone hasn’t seen napoleon dynamite yet, it’s playing at I.G. greer ’til tomorrow night. i went and saw it with ian last night after breakfast night at welborne with ry~ry and brittany. i love that movie. i’m going to get it as soon as i can on DVD.

i need a shower, i need food, i need to find my toothbrush, and some fuzzy socks. our window in our room has not shut since august 20th. :biggrin: it’s always cold in here and it’s great, but it’s not always great in the morning when you wake up and walk on linoleum floor. this explains my wide collection of slippers and fuzzy socks. gah. i’m going to take a shower and be lazy for a little while. maybe do some homework.