i’ve been forgetting to post! :crazy: i’m sorry. i’ve been out a lot lately and i’ve had a lot going on so… bear with me. today will be a nice, easy day. i have class 2-4:45 and then i don’t have anything else until 9PM for that meeting i have to go to about the black eyed peas… which, by the way, i have the privilege cough of ushering. heh. oh joy. i’m not too thrilled but it’s a free concert for me and i get to run around the holmes center all night. should be interesting.

anyway, daniel made me my necklace finally. i had gotten the beads a month ago down on king street and he decided to put it together yesterday. it’s suhweeet, i am excited now because i get to wear it today. it’s kind of itchy because it hasn’t been worn in yet but i figure i’ll get used to it. it looks cool. :biggrin:

this weekend shouldn’t be so bad. the concert is friday night and i haven’t made any other plans until sunday at 4 when i’m going to help clean up stadium drive. if anyone’s doing anything exciting, gimme a ring! striebich mentioned something so i’m always up for hanging out with all them. all i know is i’m staying in boone. i’m taking a weekend off from driving all over hell and creation.