I Need New Hobbies & No More Cone Head

the last couple weeks have been ridiculous.

nothing exciting has really happened. just… a lot has been going on. i feel like i haven’t even stopped to take a breath.

the loki news first. she got her stitches taken out this evening. i found another lump on her left leg/shoulder last week but i had the doctor take a look at it and she says she is close to certain that it’s nothing, so that made me feel better. just keep an eye on it, should be fine.

what made me feel even better than that was when she said today’s vet visit was FREE. holy crap. i was expecting at least another $200 (removing stitches, nail clipping, diagnosing possible second lump). what a relief.

loki is thrilled to have that damned cone off her head and she has been doing nothing but playing and throwing her toys everywhere all night. :) i love when she’s happy. i don’t know what i’d have done the last almost-6 years without her in my life. i really don’t. her second biopsy results still haven’t come in. i called the doctor and she said to expect a result by friday. keeping my fingers crossed. pray for no chemo.

besides all the drama going on with loki, i think i over committed myself on side work to keep my mind off things. side work meaning god knows how many website projects. most of which i LOVE working on. it’s just that i am so obsessed with getting them done and pretty so i can be like LOOK WHAT I MADE YOU GUYS that i do nothing but work lately.

i’m one of those people who can’t read books. NOT because i don’t like to read (i really enjoy it), but because if it’s not something i can sit and finish without stopping, like within 1-2 days, it will drive me MAD because i won’t finish it. same thing with websites. i’m so impatient. some projects force me to wait because i have to wait on my clients, which is fine, and awesome actually because it forces me to quit working for the evening and, you know, go to bed. but if i don’t have that, i don’t really stop.

like today. i have been going non stop all day. not to mention the semi-crisis that happened at work which i can’t/won’t get into. one thing. after another.

things just keep showing up on my plate, basically. i’m ok with it. but my brain is not. it’s like I NEED TO ORGANIZE EVERYTHING ON MY TO DO LIST AND DO THIS IN AN ORDERLY FASHION… and life just won’t let that happen. and it’s making me nuts.

aaaand that’s why we have wine.

i need to sign up for another welding class. or go back to my flight classes (but so expensive =/ ). or do something else to get me away from the computer. within the last 2 years i’ve done welding, pole dancing, cessna flying classes, and tumbling. love all of them (except the pole dancing, that was more like 8 weeks of awkward humiliating fun time), but none of them cling to me like computers.

so to fill that void, i’ve fore-fitted going to the LAN party this weekend at work (OH MY GOSH) for 2 reasons. 1) i’d only play quake, and no one else would probably play it for more than 20 minutes. and 2) brett and i are going to take the hunter safety course.

a friend of ours is a warden and we’re going to try and go hunting on the naval weapons base until we can get accepted into one of the hunt clubs around here. the base is shotgun or bow only, so i don’t have to buy a rifle yet. thank god, because i can’t afford that after loki. so i’m crossing my fingers that i can get hooked on hunting. i’ve wanted to go SO badly for years now and it just hasn’t happened. and now it is. and i’m so excited.

this post got a lot wordier than i anticipated. blame the wine, people.