And The Waiting Continues

between my face breaking out, my eating habits going to shit, and my level of exhaustion (partially my fault for overworking myself in order to keep myself from worrying even more), this whole tumor thing has officially kicked my ass.

and is going to continue to kick it. loki is taking it better than i am at this point. she is back to her playful cuddly self, and i could not be happier about her recovery.

i got a call from the doctor this morning about her results. there is good news and bad news.

the good news is the tumor is a “low” grade 2. this is awesome because the doctors are certain, for the most part, that it A) has not spread, and B) will not spread. her x-rays prior to the surgery showed no signs of spreading thus far.

the bad news is because the tumor seems to be inside her skin/collagen/bodily fluids in that area, they think it has a certain mutation, which they think has more of a possibility of coming back.

in order to find out if it has the mutation or not, they have to send it to another lab for another biopsy. for another $200. which was actually nowhere near what i expected it to cost. i was expecting to hear like $800 or something ridiculous, so my reaction to $200 was more like, “oh thank god”.

so i told them to start on it. they’re sending it to another lab and we should hear back within 3-4 days again. if it is the mutation they’re expecting it to be, they say the pill they have in mind should eliminate it. should meaning that this pill has a success rate of 50% of large tumors, and after loki’s surgery (since her tumor is effectively non existent at this point), if there is anything left to be removed, the pill should be able to remove it entirely. which is good.

if it doesn’t (again, hopefully we still won’t have to get to this point), chemo is the next option. i still do not want to think about that.

happy thoughts… happy thoughts… ugh.