Goodbye, AT&T

i am pretty sure the entire globe knows the iPhone 4G preordering started today. i don’t think you can go on the internet without it being thrown in your face. let me first say–i <3 my iPhone, and it has been good to me. AT&T, however, has not. actually, i shouldn't really say it like that. AT&T has never created any problems for me... UNTIL today, and that was just the end of it for me. when i got my new job and moved down to charleston, i took my name off my mom's contract, and somehow they "transferred" it. i got a 2-year contract, and got my iPhone. TOTALLY exciting, because until then, i had never had a smart phone. love it. still love it. the only thing was, i wasn't eligible for the early upgrade because they did a "transfer" instead of a new account, despite the fact that i had a new 2-year contract. i have no idea how this works. anyway, to get the upgrade i decided to get the "family plan" which meant adding a second line, which WOULD be eligible for an upgrade, allowing me to get the iPhone for $99 instead of $399. ultimately, this was only $10 more a month with the second line. at the time, this seemed brilliant. now i realize i was just swindled out of $99, $53 extra a month for the past 12 months, and i had this super duper second line that i've never even used. actually, that phone doesn't even *work* anymore. nevertheless, i had my iPhone, unlimited data, unlimited text, and 550 monthly minutes. which is more than i use anyway. all for the TERRIBLE price of $123 a month. SOMEBODY PLEASE HIT ME. back to the 4G. i called at&t this morning and they told me that i can't preorder it over the phone because they have to swipe my card. WHY?! can't you just... type my stupid card number in? so, instead of eating, i went to the at&t store on my lunch break today to preorder my shiny new iPhone 4G. the line, as expected, was insane. i put my name on the list and stood there staring blankly for 20 minutes until some woman announced that only major credit cards would be accepted--again, WHAT? why? i asked the lady, and evidently someone used a debit card to do this earlier, screwed it up (no clue), and over drafted that person's bank account. o_0 i know, right? first, i was like, what does that have to do with the rest of us? that's not our fault they didn't have enough $ in their account. then, i was like, i don't have a major credit card... am i even going to be able to get an iPhone come the 24th? and will this require me to camp outside the damn at&t store with the other idiots? i mean, i've waited in parking lots for shiny new toys overnight before. i even waited at a mall for 4 hours when halo 3 came out (that one was awesome--free pizza, mountain dew, AND brownies!). it can be SO fun! but... for some reason... a lot (not ALL, just the Holier Than Thou types) of apple geeks are quite annoying. actually... a lot of geeks are quite annoying when their obsession consumes any and all conversation they are capable of having. i am NOT sitting outside the damn at&t store only to hear "OMG FACE TIME OMG OMG steve jobs i want to have your BAAAABIES!!!!" no, thank you. i love my iPhone, yes. but i am not one of THOSE. the internet is full of THOSE lately and it is SO annoying. THEIR IS A GIANT OIL SPILL AND A WAR GOING ON AND YOU PEOPLE ARE ARGUING OVER A SMART PHONE. ON THE INTERNET. need i say more?

since i couldn’t preorder the new one, i got back in my car and started thinking–i wonder how much verizon would cost me? why this thought didn’t hit me sooner, i will never know. i called up verizon, and talked to this lady named michelle. michelle, if you’re out there, I LOVE YOU. you just saved me… a lot of money. michelle informed me that not only could i keep my same phone number (HALLELUJAH, i had no idea you could do this! :cry: ), but also that the htc incredible phone is $50 off this week. and i get a $100 rebate. and instantly i saw shooting stars and unicorns and puppies, and i may have even cried a bit.

so… i preordered my new incredible. OVER THE FREAKING PHONE. WITH MY DEBIT CARD. the incredible is (understandably) on back order, so it will be arriving at my apartment in less than 1 month. happy birthday to me! i paid $250 this afternoon, and my $100 rebate is in the mail.

the only other obstacle in my way is the early termination fee from at&t. if you weren’t aware (i was just made aware, and i feel even more swindled), if you have more than 1 phone under your contract, you are obligated to pay a fee for EACH phone. which (under my contract agreement) means… $175 for both, minus $4/month for each month of your contract you’ve fulfilled, which is… bullshit. i can’t sugar coat that. it’s just bullshit. biggest waste of $190 i can think of. i’d rather buy a bucket of rocks for $190. maybe even spiders! i hate spiders!

upon arrival of the new phone, i am (grudgingly) paying the early termination fees with at&t, driving my happy ass to verizon, and activating my new droid. which is only costing me $70 a month. for the same effing terms.

being a lively advocate of linux and all things open source, i feel good about the switch. and my wallet. well, in a few months, at least.


  • RyanO says:

    I ditched AT&T too. I loved my iPhone, but I couldn't take the drop calls and the spotty network. I went with Sprint and couldn't be happier with the price and the service. (Even get 3G in the Mountains of NC)

  • Jeny says:

    Wow, I always knew the customer service at AT&T was questionable, but I never knew it'd be this bad :( I had to transfer over from T-mobile because I couldn't get any reception in my new apartment, and while I did consider Verizon, I don't like how they don't use sim cards. I'm sorry you have to put up with this kinda crap, and I hope your new HTC phone comes soon (I saw a demo of it, and it's pretty damn incredible, lol)

  • Welcome to the Android family…. well once your phone arrives :D

  • Dale says:

    YIPPIE! Welcome to the Android family. I have to tell you this though, there are fan boys amassing on this side of the line too. I'm also pretty sure that you don't have to take your phone anywhere to get it activated with an android phone. You just have to call a number and enter in your gmail info. Viola!

  • imabug says:

    AT&T is also getting much scorn and derision from Southeast Linuxfest organizers and attendees for their complete fail at delivering net access to the conference. many unpleasant words were directed their way

  • eddihughes says:

    I think part of the problem is Apple fans are bat shit crazy over this new phone and it's causing a ruckus for pre-orders. It sounds like AT&T wasn't pre-paired for the over the phone, which is why I am holding off on attempting to purchase this phone right off the bat.

    Honestly, in my area, the two best carriers are Verizon and AT&T. Their coverage is on lock down no matter where you go, (Unless you go snowboarding up at Mt. Baker, which is out in the boons). But overall, both carrier's dominate > T-Mobile and Sprint.

    I've had T-Mobile, AT&T/Cingular and Verizon and to be honest I prefer AT&T > Verizon. The reason is mainly because back in the day some of the bad ass Pocket PC HTC phones were dumbed down (hardware and firmware wise). The only way to liberate those phones were to load custom roms / flash firmware.

    Today my opinion on Verizon is different, both Verizon and AT&T have their up's and downs. :)

    Since we have a T-Mobile call center in my city, everybody and their mothers has an Android phone. I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to hack a few MyTouch's, HTC Hero's, etc. Love that OS… Indeed, I believe you are in a better place ^_^

  • Should've went to Sprint and got yourself an HTC Evo :P Can't wait to get mine. I like it even more than the iPhone to be honest.

    • short stack says:

      i don't think i know anyone with sprint? i'd rather go verizon and get more free calls. also i hear the service is better. guess i'll find out.

      and i've used an htc incredible before and am pretty dang happy with the purchase :)

      • Keeshia says:

        No need to know anyone with Sprint with their Any Mobile, Any Time :) I've never had issues with Sprint service unless I'm like in.. boonies of Montana or something lol

        Never played with the HTC Incredible. Will have to some time. I've totally fallen for HTC in general.

  • Risa says:

    I haven't ever heard anything good from at&t…I think people just went to them because they had the iphone but around here service is horrible because they apparently don't have any towers so people who bought the first one can't even use it really.

    I've had verizon since I had a spill with altell(prior to verizon buying them) I switched over 2 years ago and haven't looked back since.They are by far one of the best in my opinion.
    I have the motoDROIO which is a pc like iphone I think…

    i feel bad you had to deal with all that countless bullshit…and the terms for early termination are disgusting..>.<
    but in a lighter happier note/rumor:
    I've heard Verizon has been working with apple in order to get the contract for the iphone,meaning one day they'll offer it as well.

    notheless enjoy your incredible,and welcome to the wonderful world of verizon :D

  • ZX-14 lady says:

    It’s time to bring those babies back from obscurity!

    Sent from my Android phone

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