gone again

sometimes i really hate the military. adam left again and he supposedly only has 3 months left in that shithole but who knows what’s actually going to happen. it wasn’t as hard this time around… maybe i’m actually getting used to saying goodbye to him. and i really can’t believe i just said that. i never thought he’d be leaving this many times. and to think, i hated having to say goodbye to him just every weekend when i’d go see him at fort bragg. i never knew it was going to turn out this way. i miss the hell out of him already and i’ve been crying on and off as usual. he had a pretty awful layover in atlanta and had to sit there for well over 5 hours… i think it was more like 7 if i’m not mistaken. i can’t imagine. he and i had our flight cancelled when we were coming home from massachusetts and had to wait around for a few extra hours and we thought THAT was bad. no way. at least he has his laptop this time around.

i drove home from the airport at 6:30 this morning after dropping him off and hung out at my mom’s for a bit. i can’t sit still when i’m like this so i decided it was best to get out and drive back to boone… and apparently some friends and i are going to charlotte this evening so maybe this is for the best. i won’t be sitting and dwelling on it. i know if i drink tonight i’m gonna wind up crying again. i just want that phone call. that’s the worst part about him leaving again because every time i just sit and wait to make sure he got there okay and with the army there’s no telling when the hell he’ll get there.

time to get up and quit moping and go to charlotte. i miss you, babe. thank you for the most awesome birthday ever and for the best 2 weeks of my life… even better than the last time you were home. :smile: