Beach Weather

i know i gripe a lot about not being in boone anymore, and how i vaguely hate living down here in charleston. i think part of it is a little homesickness, coupled with the stark realization that i’m not in college anymore, and even if i did live in boone again, it wouldn’t be exactly the same.

the truth is, it’s not all bad down here. it’s especially not bad when it’s 72 degrees outside, not a cloud in the sky, and the beach is a short 15 miles away.

that is how i spent my saturday afternoon–basking in the sun at folly beach, bojangle’s in hand, desperately trying to concentrate on studying. my CISSP exam is the 27th (less than a week away, someone pinch me) and i have GOT to keep up with my studying. i’m doing okay, but saturday was far too gorgeous to stay inside with my nose in a book.

i compromised.

for 2.5 hours.

aaand then i went to red’s ice house with friends and had my very first jagerbomb. and fried oysters. mmm… oysters.

spring is finally here, and it is beautiful. after the daylight saving time change last weekend, i can feel my mood slowly perking back up. i can feel myself becoming more energized. it’s invigorating.

i can also feel the allergies kicking in full speed ahead. since i was little, i’ve tried claritin, allegra, and now i’ve started taking zyrtec (actually, it’s an off brand that’s basically the exact same pill). so far, nothing is working. allergies here are hitting me much harder than in the mountains. it’s safe to say that i’ve gone through several bottles of nose spray, boxes of kleenex, bottles of eyedrops, and i’ve woken myself up at least a dozen times snoring within the past week.

of course, it doesn’t help when i let the cat on the back porch. did you know cats enjoy rolling around in pollen?

i think it’s safe to say i’ve found at least one culprit for my sneeze attacks.