yesterday rocked

my dad and christine and i went shopping for my dorm and for school supplies and my car is completely full except for the passenger seat. it’s unbelievable how much MORE crap i got for school. i don’t know how i’m gonna move in on the 20th. it’s gonna be hell, i know that much. :crazy:

grainger came over for dinner ’cause my dad made buffalo wings and of course he couldn’t miss it. we went to shane’s house to see his family ’cause it had been a while and it was nice to hang out there again since it’s been a month or so.

james and his buddies from ft. bragg/jackson and i all went out last night and had ourselves a good time. i haven’t gone out and just had fun like that in a while. we all danced and they played pool and we even saw a fight… exciting! some guy was videoing the whole night and since every other song i was out on the dance floor (thank you james, cade, & tony for all the dances), i think i’m in it a few times. there is nothing weirder looking than a 4’11” girl dancing with a 6’5″ or taller guy. we could see people staring and going, “aww, that’s so cute!” it was a blast though and i can’t thank these guys enough for taking me out. i needed it. :blush: