Wtf is up with the Weather

it’s boone, it’s january, and the past week it has been almost 70 in the afternoons and in the 50s at nighttime. today’s probably the coldest afternoon so far, and it’s still above 50. it’s ridiculous. i want snow so i can wear the clothes i got for the snow! it makes sense.

daniel and i went to appalachian ski mountain last night and holy crap, it was so much fun. i fell twice in the whole 3 hours we were there… so awesome. yesterday was the 3 month mark for us, so it was a freaking great night just being out there on the slopes. it wasn’t too crowded and i’ve never gone that fast in my life. we took some good pictures so i’ll upload them later. :smile: i love the snow!

i’m starving and i’m gonna find some grub. :biggrin: