last night was so, SO great.

i drove to boone and got there around 8 and met up with brandi, jen, and jenny… we headed to geno’s for james’s birthday and started the night out early. usually no one shows ’til 9 or so. we ate dinner and james, stephen, eric, brent, steve, and brian joined us over the course of the night. we played trivia and they drank beer and i got made fun of… the usual. it was a lot of fun, though. i miss geno’s nights. i never get to go anymore because i don’t plan on driving an hour there and back everytime they go to the bar… that killed a half of tank of gas today. yikes! :wassat:

after geno’s, stephen dropped me off at the highlands. daniel and jeff and ashley were playing circle of death so i chilled over there for a while. we wound up playing asshole and other exciting drinking games for a few hours. daniel and i sat on the porch and talked for a hell of a long time which was great. we both needed that and after over 3 weeks of being away from one another, it was good to be hanging out again and goofin’ off and having those long talks and crackin’ a few more beers. i miss that apartment and i miss everyone in it. not to mention he had ordered a hammock with the cabela’s gift certificate i got him for his birthday back in april and it finally came in, so i made myself comfy. i want one of those things now. oh well. by the end of the night i was half asleep in the lay-z-boy watching jeff and daniel play NFL street listening to OAR. fun times, and an awesome night.

i drove home at 6:15 this morning and made it home around 7:30. i took a shower and left for work a tad bit late but i still beat the rest of the women that work here. ha! i’m always too early. i did get my mexican craving fulfilled today.. jill and i went to mi pueblo and i got take out again. i’d been wanting some for so long. and i found out my buddy dustin is working over here at wake also doing construction work in the same building i work in, so hopefully i’ll get to see him more often than usual. i miss that kid!

it’s 3:30 and my boss just left and the only other person here is teresa. i wish i could sneak out but knowing my luck, she’d walk in here when i was gone and the phones would be ringing off the hook and there’d be people all wandering around the office. i can’t wait ’til summer classes start here… at least there will be kids my age hanging out all day instead of all these old men.