Wild & Crazy Saturday Night ;)

since last week, adam and i had plans to go biking and get his 12 duffel bags full of laundry done today. what did we accomplish? nothing. we actually didn’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon and even then he didn’t get up. i took action and brought him chocolate lucky charms and a bagel for breakfast in bed. THEN he woke up. :smile: my brilliant plan worked. we layed around for about 2 hours watching TV and sitting on the couch on our laptops. yes…HE FINALLY BOUGHT A COUCH! A FREAKING SWEET BLACK LEATHER COUCH! so freaking sweet i never want to remove my butt from it.

before i got here on friday afternoon, he had gone to play-it-again sports and bought a bench-press and a bunch of weights so he was excited to work out this afternoon. i took this opportunity to work out, also. he went in his room with his laptop and rocked out while lifting weights and i stayed in the living room with the country blaring from my itty bitty speakers and did 3 minutes of as many crunches i could do, 3 minutes of leg lifts, 70 push-ups, and lots of stretching. it made me want to start running again so hopefully we’ll work out again tomorrow and i’ll get motivated to run every day this week. anyways, i feel great and we’ve both been in such good moods today.

instead of reverting back to the couch for the rest of the day, we went out. we went to the mall to look at video games but he pretty much has all the good ones that have come out in the last 6 months or more. the only thing we accomplished by going to the mall was getting pissed off at all the crowdedness and ignorance that is fayetteville. we stopped by staples and he bought a new printer/scanner/copier and some other goodies. dude, the printer is an HP C4280 all-in-one deal that prints photos and has all of the card readers on the front… $60. the one right next to it had the exact same specifications only it was wireless… $130. i had no idea they charged that much more just for wireless capabilities. needless to say, he bought the plug-in one. it’s like 2 feet away. HP can kiss their $70 goodbye.

we had originally planned on cooking a really awesome dinner together (baked-stuffed shrimp and salad) but hunger got the best of us, mostly just him, and we stopped and had a surprisingly delicious dinner at the thai restaurant around the corner. i had spicy fried rice and chicken and he had chicken with garlic sauce and rice. i have never eaten thai and i’ve never been a fanatic about asian food (he, however, could eat rice all day every day and eats chinese/japanese at least once a week). let’s just say i’ve learned to like it by now. :wink: i was kind of skeptical about eating thai at first because 1) i’ve never had it, 2) only knew it was a lot of spicy foods and wasn’t sure what to expect other than that, and 3) i was getting really hungry after waiting for the waitress for so long so i was hoping i’d like the food i ordered. both of us were irritated that it was taking as long as it did but we were pleased to find out that the wait was well worth it. the food was totally “scrumptulescent” as he likes to call it, and i was stuffed.

i did make sure to leave room for dessert. we made a quick trip to food lion before going home to get stuff for tomorrow. we bought shrimp to make baked-stuffed shrimp tomorrow and salad stuff AND… a giant slice of chocolate cake. i couldn’t resist. i told adam at dinner that i had a craving for chocolate cake… it was such an intense craving that i would go as far as saying i NEEDED chocolate cake. attn: men readers, close your eyes. i also had to buy tampons. this is the funny part, actually. we went to the register and when the lady was bagging everything, she put both the chocolate cake and the box of tampons in a bag by themselves and handed it to me. like she knew, she KNEW that these two items belonged together. we had a pretty good laugh about that one and then adam had a strike of genius as we got into his truck–why doesn’t anyone market that idea?! i’m going to e-mail tampax and tell them they need to start selling small boxes of tampons with a slice of chocolate cake, or even a week’s worth of tampons and a gallon of ben & jerry’s ice cream. i think it could totally sell. we’ll be millionaires living it up in no time.

now we’re at home back on the couch. i swear this thing is the most comfortable couch i’ve ever sat my tush on. we’re both on our laptops. he’s playing hellgate london and here i am blogging/simultaneously compiling shit… and what are we watching on TV? star wars 2. to top it off, i’m even wearing a marvel comics t-shirt. if anyone walked in here right now, they would be immediately suffocated by the intensely thick nerdiness that is our relationship. i have fallen in love all over again like 6 times in the past month, 3 of which were probably today.

one more little tidbit, i am an even bigger natalie portman fan now. will someone PLEASE BUY ME THIS? i just have to have it. in case you’re wondering, i wear a small. i might even wear it to class. i love it.