what a relief

well, the holiday is over. things are settling down around here. it was great seeing all the family… i haven’t seen my uncle’s family in over 4 years and my grandparents and my other uncle don’t come around quite that often and it was just nice being with everyone. the lake was fun and my grandma’s thanksgiving dinner was just like always, GREAT! my grandpa is doing a lot better also so it was good to see him up and about. and you can never go wrong when the dog pukes on the hour-long car ride. he puked on my stepmom.. she didn’t find it too funny. my dad and i did, however, and he used it as another excuse to use his video camera. ahh, gotta love the holidays. :wink:

yesterday i took my cousin to go see a movie and since the movie we wanted to see was sold out, we ended up seeing the new bridget jones movie. i haven’t gone to a chick flick in ages. i walked in and it was all old ladies and middle-aged women… ha! go figure. it was a really good movie though, and i laughed my ass off. we wandered around the mall afterwards but it was nothing but a ton of people and the same stuff that’s always there. gah. i gotta get started on christmas shopping! i’ve made my list, so now i have to go get all of it.

i went to byrd/early/jarrod/kennedy’s house last night and hung out there for a while. matt and austin were there too. i’ve missed them like crazy. well, early wasn’t there. he’d gone to visit john at fort benning. they all had their airsoft guns and a crapload of BBs so of course they were torturing eachother and matt’s got a nice month-long smiley face welted on his right ass cheek. now i too have a single shot welted on mine due to the fact that i let down my guard and turned my back too soon. oh well. i got him back.

matt and austin and i went to francos with austin’s girlfriend and a friend of hers and headed to the pool hall nextdoor after that. we stayed there for a good 3 hours shooting and goofin’ off. i saw a few people i hadn’t seen in years there… gotta love this city for that reason alone. living in 3 houses within a 10-mile radius for 18 years means you’ll always see people around. good stuff. i got home at 1 AM and my cousin had fallen asleep watching riding in cars with boys so i watched the tail end of that and crashed. yesterday rocked.

today’s gonna be awesome too, i hope. i’m meeting up with grainger in a little bit and we’re going to get mexican… like always. :crazy: and then i want to get up to king ASAP ’cause i told tim and thomas i would… SO MANY PEOPLE TO SEE! hopefully we’ll be meeting up with drew/siner/ryan also. who knows.

tonight is what i’ve been waiting for for the past three whole months… to hang out with collin and matt and alex again. lauren will be there too. :smile: good stuff. i miss ’em like hell. these guys are gonna be here ’til i am 80 and old and gray and maybe then i’ll finally give in and drink tequila with collin because at that point it won’t matter if it kills me.

i love coming home for the holidays. :smile: life is good. except i miss daniel… the dipshit is in florida and is supposed to be going back to his house today. hopefully he and jeff haven’t gotten themselves killed. i’ll see him tomorrow or monday. i can’t complain. :wink: